41. Non-META Use


Microsoft Office Suite is a set of very robust softwares. However, its functions are at times used in unintended ways. Based on my personal experience, I have seen many individuals using MS Office in very unexpected ways. Sometimes, their unexpected usage is even the industrial standard.

For example, entrepreneurs make a lot of PPTs. Sometimes, they become so masterful at PPT that they start making animated short videos with PPT; I remember back in the day when I participated in an entrepreneur competition, one criteria was actually to make a video with PPT! Then, one of my former supervisors, who is the most efficient manager I have ever seen, taught me to take notes in Excel. She had very detailed notes, divided subjects by rows, and different meetings by sheets. Finally, when I was introduced to tracking things in a table created by Word in the practice of law.

I think there is nothing wrong with any of those methods – pick what’s most comfortable for you, but keep an open mind that you might have to adjust to others’ working styles.

40. The Law School Race


I remember during my 1L year, every day felt like a 100m sprint. But by my 3L year, every day felt like a part of a long and painful process. I am sure I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. I think this is partially due to a learning diminishing utility return: our efforts no longer pay off corresponding returns.

39. Checking Grades


Dear law school friends: it has been a while since I posted my comic strips. To my defense, I had a somewhat crazy 2L year; I was taking 17 credits per semester and working as the student government president (SBA <3 !). This year there are no more excuses for me not drawing anymore.

So, about grades… I remember checking grades as a 1L. Man, it was breathtaking! I was in front of my computer, constantly refreshing the website just to wait for my grades. As a 2L, I was still somewhat excited to see my grades but I certainly didn’t kill myself over it. And finally as a 3L, I checked my summer grades 2 weeks after they were posted. Maybe it’s grades-fatigue or maybe I found more important things in my legal education than grades.

36. The Kick


I had 3 final exames: Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Jurisprudence (which I totally recommend!!!!!), and Public Corruption.

After I finished my last exam, I felt numb and just sat on in front of my computer. Suddenly, after 10 minutes, it finally hit me that I just finished my 2L; I felt a rush kicking in. Definitely a moment to live for!

33. Evening Plan


The scenario described above literally (sort of) happened to me.

Last week, my friends decided to celebrate the end of OCI (On Campus Interview) over dinner. Of course, being the great friends they are, my friends invited me. Unfortunately, I was pre-occupied with SBA (Student Bar Association: the student government) tasks. So I told my friends that I was busy.

As soon I sent the my reply, I totally expected my friends to mess around with me by asking whether if I were going on a date instead of dining with them. Instead, my friends asked me if I was going to a callback reception dinner.

At that time, I thought to myself: OCI has taken over our live.

32. Dress Up


It is one month before class starts, and law students are in their best suits/dress! On Campus Interview, or professional speed dating, is officially in session. We put on the suits/dresses in mid-summer to get ready for interview.

After living in New York for 6 years, I am a person who usually enjoys dressing up. However, after a summer in Texas for internship, I found myself just slightly want to get out of the suite and just to put on a polo.

As I was sitting and looking at all the other candidate waiting to be interviewed, I make a quick note to myself. All the sharp looking people are the ones looking for a job. The real powerful and successful attorneys are dressed in business casuals.

Moral of the story: the true boss doesn’t have to wear a suit.

Anyway, defenders of justice, good luck OCIing!

31. Alternative Career


Alright, first of all: a huge apologize from me! I pretty much didn’t update any comic strip for 2 month. I did an internship in Texas and started an entrepreneur venture. Now I am back to law school; you can expect a weekly comic piece updated from me!

So… Alternative Career!

Of so many lawyers I talked to, they seemed to have a different dream career: such as running a bakery, acting on broadway, designing graphics, etc… However, ended up settling for law because, well, big law pays pretty well.

Personally, I enjoy doing entrepreur stuff in general and I love video games. So if I could do anything I want, I would love to be a video game designer. This summer since I had some free time after internship, I decided to just go for it—I designed my very first vdeo game!

I encourage everyone to explore their inner passion. While you might not be make to make a living of your passion, don’t give up on it! Work hard for a few years and you will have the rest of your life to do whatever you want!

30. It’s Meta


I typically never complain about anything. Law school is better than many other things I could be doing right now (ie. working). However, many of my classmates think about law school differently (and negatively).

After all, life in law school can be rough sometimes. Sometimes you have to pull all-nighters to finish a 20 page memo. The professors put students on hot seats. And (I confirmed that it is ok to start a sentence with “and”) the law school system in general push students to compete against each other. So it is understandable that students would want to complain.

Unfortunately, the negativity generated through complaints creates a feedback loop. It also became a way for students to bond with each other: over complaints. The law school social normal will label overly positive students as heretics. Peer pressure exists in law school too.

With that said, I hope law school will have less complaints; though I am currently complaining about complaining.

29. Life After Finals: 2


Sorry all! I had taken such a long leave of absence from updating the DoJ blogs! I took a longer-than-appropriate break after the write-on competition. Now, I am back in gear.

So, about write-on. First of all, I am really not suppose to talk about it because it is a potential honor code violation; but I think this comic piece is justified because 1) write-on is over at my school and 2) this piece is about “people doing write-on” (not about”write-on” per se).

“Write-on” is the process for law school students to get on a journal. Depending how well you did on the “write-on,” you will qualify for different journals. While the competition to get on “Law Review” (the most prestigious journal) is tough, most other journals are not very selective. If you just want to be on a journal and don’t really care about which journal, then you will definitely get on one. Because it is not that hard to get on “a” journal, some people just really take a back seat and only write the bare minimum (if any at all).

P.S. #United States Marine Corps, #Rifleman’s Creed reference.

28. Life After Finals: 1


In my law school, we had two weeks to self-schedule and take all the final exams. Most students spread out the finals and take their last final on the very last day. However, because I had to coordinate a boat cruise for my school on the last day, so I finished my last final a day before.

Immediate after my last exam, I felt super relief. However, after 10 minutes of joy, I realized now I need something to keep myself busy. I suddenly felt life without finals and studies was so… boring! I went into a “law school withdraw.” To analogize it, it is like retiring after working for 40 years; the productivity momentum has nowhere to go.

I hate to admit it: at that time, I was wondering why write-on couldn’t start sooner….

27. The Race


This is what taking a law school exam feels like!

I can literally feel the anxiety building up in the room, leading up to when the proctors say, “you may begin.”

Anyway, I will keep this one short–still have two finals that I have to study for


26. It’s the Most “Wonderful” Time of the Year

doj26Ah, it is this time of the year! That is right, it’s second semester finals time! This is also the time students started to wonder what they actually learned in each class.

Second semester is particularly more “wonderful” because students started paying less attention. 1L students now know their place in the pecking order of law school’s intellectual food pyramid; 2L are ready to become 3L; and 3L are ready to leave school, if they had not already done so.

This means that students generally didn’t focus on studying as much as they had the first semester, making this time of the year the most “wonderful.”

That said, everyone will suddenly become expert on the class 48 hours before their final starts. Magic will happen!

25. Creativity

When it comes creativity, the fact patterns on exams do not compare the fact patterns that trial teams come up with.

To be fair though, comparing exam fact pattern and trial team fact pattern is like comparing apples and oranges. On one hand, the purpose of exam fact patterns is to embed as many issues as possible to test students’ understanding of the course material; for an exam to be fair, professors must refrain from adding unnecessary details, which overly anxious final-taking law students might go off on a tangent to analyze. On the other hand, the purpose of trial team fact patterns is to embed one key issues that can be supported in many different ways; since there is no fairness factor concerning grading, the fact patterns can go in all sorts of direction.

Regardless, both fact patterns will make you mutter to yourself, “how do human beings think of this kinda stuff?!”

24. Law Revue Side Effects


Some super creative and funny people, after coming to law school, realized that the typical law student is the antithesis of their embodiment. Desperately searching for joy, they channeled their passion and created the law revue.

Law Revue (a play on the phrase “Law Review,” which is the most ****ing prestigious thing a law student can do) is law students’ initiative to make fun of their lives; law revue can take many forms: song parody, stand up comedy, show performances, etc… .

At Northwestern Law, a group of wonderful human beings come together each year and put on a musical show called the “Follies.” This year, I was honored to be a part of the shows. Putting on the show was not an easy task; during the week leading up to the show I had put in 30 hr/week into rehearsal, and I only had two lines and one dance. I could only imagine what the executive producers and other board members had put in.

If someone were to ask me, “Would you do this again?” I would say, “Abso-f**king-lutely!!!” I am sure other law revuers would say the same thing. While it’s true that we put in so much time and effort into an extracurricular activity, the gain far outweigh the cost. Positive effects include: law-school-hating penicillin, newly developed hobbies, life long friendships, and more!

Also, it is possible to make a stretched utilitarian argument: happier law school student enjoy studying more and develop relationships, so they will get good jobs and have great long lasting relationships for future business purposes. At least that is what I told my friends so that they wouldn’t think I was a complete idiot for doing law revue.

23. Myth and Legend 1

Law is designed to be a fair and equal process that brings justice into society. So, it is important to find a fair standard to measure whether a conduct is acceptable by the society. In quest to find this standard, the court gave birth to this mystical being: “the reasonable person.”

A reason person is the person who would never get into trouble, and the law is always on his/her side.