24. Law Revue Side Effects



Some super creative and funny people, after coming to law school, realized that the typical law student is the antithesis of their embodiment. Desperately searching for joy, they channeled their passion and created the law revue.

Law Revue (a play on the phrase “Law Review,” which is the most ****ing prestigious thing a law student can do) is law students’ initiative to make fun of their lives; law revue can take many forms: song parody, stand up comedy, show performances, etc… .

At Northwestern Law, a group of wonderful human beings come together each year and put on a musical show called the “Follies.” This year, I was honored to be a part of the shows. Putting on the show was not an easy task; during the week leading up to the show I had put in 30 hr/week into rehearsal, and I only had two lines and one dance. I could only imagine what the executive producers and other board members had put in.

If someone were to ask me, “Would you do this again?” I would say, “Abso-f**king-lutely!!!” I am sure other law revuers would say the same thing. While it’s true that we put in so much time and effort into an extracurricular activity, the gain far outweigh the cost. Positive effects include: law-school-hating penicillin, newly developed hobbies, life long friendships, and more!

Also, it is possible to make a stretched utilitarian argument: happier law school student enjoy studying more and develop relationships, so they will get good jobs and have great long lasting relationships for future business purposes. At least that is what I told my friends so that they wouldn’t think I was a complete idiot for doing law revue.

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