29. Life After Finals: 2



Sorry all! I had taken such a long leave of absence from updating the DoJ blogs! I took a longer-than-appropriate break after the write-on competition. Now, I am back in gear.

So, about write-on. First of all, I am really not suppose to talk about it because it is a potential honor code violation; but I think this comic piece is justified because 1) write-on is over at my school and 2) this piece is about “people doing write-on” (not about”write-on” per se).

“Write-on” is the process for law school students to get on a journal. Depending how well you did on the “write-on,” you will qualify for different journals. While the competition to get on “Law Review” (the most prestigious journal) is tough, most other journals are not very selective. If you just want to be on a journal and don’t really care about which journal, then you will definitely get on one. Because it is not that hard to get on “a” journal, some people just really take a back seat and only write the bare minimum (if any at all).

P.S. #United States Marine Corps, #Rifleman’s Creed reference.

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