30. It’s Meta



I typically never complain about anything. Law school is better than many other things I could be doing right now (ie. working). However, many of my classmates think about law school differently (and negatively).

After all, life in law school can be rough sometimes. Sometimes you have to pull all-nighters to finish a 20 page memo. The professors put students on hot seats. And (I confirmed that it is ok to start a sentence with “and”) the law school system in general push students to compete against each other. So it is understandable that students would want to complain.

Unfortunately, the negativity generated through complaints creates a feedback loop. It also became a way for students to bond with each other: over complaints. The law school social normal will label overly positive students as heretics. Peer pressure exists in law school too.

With that said, I hope law school will have less complaints; though I am currently complaining about complaining.

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