31. Alternative Career



Alright, first of all: a huge apologize from me! I pretty much didn’t update any comic strip for 2 month. I did an internship in Texas and started an entrepreneur venture. Now I am back to law school; you can expect a weekly comic piece updated from me!

So… Alternative Career!

Of so many lawyers I talked to, they seemed to have a different dream career: such as running a bakery, acting on broadway, designing graphics, etc… However, ended up settling for law because, well, big law pays pretty well.

Personally, I enjoy doing entrepreur stuff in general and I love video games. So if I could do anything I want, I would love to be a video game designer. This summer since I had some free time after internship, I decided to just go for it—I designed my very first vdeo game!

I encourage everyone to explore their inner passion. While you might not be make to make a living of your passion, don’t give up on it! Work hard for a few years and you will have the rest of your life to do whatever you want!

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