41. Non-META Use



Microsoft Office Suite is a set of very robust softwares. However, its functions are at times used in unintended ways. Based on my personal experience, I have seen many individuals using MS Office in very unexpected ways. Sometimes, their unexpected usage is even the industrial standard.

For example, entrepreneurs make a lot of PPTs. Sometimes, they become so masterful at PPT that they start making animated short videos with PPT; I remember back in the day when I participated in an entrepreneur competition, one criteria was actually to make a video with PPT! Then, one of my former supervisors, who is the most efficient manager I have ever seen, taught me to take notes in Excel. She had very detailed notes, divided subjects by rows, and different meetings by sheets. Finally, when I was introduced to tracking things in a table created by Word in the practice of law.

I think there is nothing wrong with any of those methods – pick what’s most comfortable for you, but keep an open mind that you might have to adjust to others’ working styles.

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